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Cloud: A New Scheduling App

Searching for the perfect calendar/scheduling app can be a hassle where users often have to compromise on the features they’re looking for. 

Cloud solves this issue of comprimising by offering the popular features users seek out such as:
Scheduling & filtering different calendars
Focus Timer

My inspiration for the features came from my own experience with scheduling apps and wanting to combine different elements from various apps to maximize the efficiency of my app to better benefit students.

The features of this app include:

Quick view homepage of tasks in different time filters of today, this week, and this month.

Full calendar view with different filters of main, school, and social. Tasks can be set easily by choosing a time to have a reminder for. 

Journal section for users to write down their thoughts and track their emotions as a way to relieve some stress.

Focus timer to lock device for user to fully focus on tasks at hand. Focus sessions can be scheduled according to upcoming tasks and user can track focus habits.

Created using Figma.